How to Choose Dog Cancer Remedies

Dog cancer remedies are used when a dog has cells, neoplasms or tumors which are growing with no control or purpose.  Another way canine cancer is described is as a malignancy.  Any part of a dog’s body can suffer from cancer.

Depending on the condition, some, but not all cancers move from one area of the body to another through the blood or lymph system.  This type of metastasized (fast spreading  or malignant) cancer is obviously a serious problem.  Cancer that does not spread and is slower growing is referred to as being benign.

Diagnosis of Cancer in Dogs

Your veterinarian or veterinary oncologist will do a clinical examination of your dog and will determine to what degree the cancer has spread in either the local area or in the dog’s body.   This part of the process is called staging. Laboratory tests will include a blood work up (chemical levels, white/red blood count etc), a urine test (urinalysis) and x-rays of the area of the body in question.  If possible, you veterinarian will take a needle biopsy of the cancerous tissue for examination under a microscope.  These are just a few of the available tests such as a CT Scan.

The goal is to determine a course of treatment which balances your dog’s continued quality of life, the cost of the treatment, owner involvement during treatment and the effectiveness of any conventional medications and homeopathic remedies recommended.

If the canine cancer is not able to be cured, or if the treatment outcome is questionable, an owner may choose an approach called palliation, which is a focus on quality of life, the extension of life and on symptoms which affect the dog.

Canine Cancer Remedies

Conventional Methods: The goal of conventional medicine is to determine a specific drug or treatment method that addresses a specifically defined problem.  While not an exact science, drugs are meant to target a problem.  Beyond medications, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy and radiation are often used.   Tumors which can be found and which have not extensively spread can be surgically removed, a procedure that can be combined with other dog cancer treatment methods.

Homeopathic Natural Herbal Dog Cancer Remedies: These are known as supportive therapies as they don’t address the site of the cancer, but strengthen the physiology of the body such as the immune system and health cell strength to slow down the cancer and improve the body’s natural ability to fight the disease. Homeopathic or holistic medicine treast the whole dog and strengthen those systems that are needed to fight illness.  This is done in addition to conventional treatments.

For example, the immune system helps to fight off cancer cells.  When the immune system is compromised, cancer, infections etc. can take hold more easily then when the body if functioning properly.  In the same way, if toxins build up in the body’s organs such as in the liver, the blood isn’t being completely cleansed, allowing toxins to circulate throughout the body.

Herbal Remedies and Dog Cancer

Dog cancer herbal remedies have a long history of boosting the immune system and for keeping the liver functioning properly. In human medicine and dog health, anti-oxidants found in natural or herbal products is natures way of improving cellular strength so that the cells can fight off cancer cells.

In the case of cancer, there are certain natural ingredients that homeopathic veterinarians and nutritionists believe could be of some help in reducing the symptoms of cancer and in boosting the physiology or general health of your dog.  These products can be used with conventional treatment methods (under the advice of your veterinarian), or if you decide to forgo treatment, to make your dog more comfortable and hopefully slow down the course of the disease.

One supplement company that specializes in human cancer remedies, has developed a line of products that was made specifically for pets with cancer. They follow the same safe manufacturing practices for pet supplements that they do for people products. The supplements are meant to make up for some of the short-comings in the diets of our animal friends.

C-Caps by Native Remedies, were created specifically for dogs and cats. They contain no artificial ingredients and none of the artificial colors that are present in many pet foods and even in the nutritional supplements sold by major corporations.

Native Remedies does not guarantee that their product is a cure for cancer or other life threatening diseases, because that would go against FDA regulations. But, if you read some of the heartwarming testimonials they provide, you’ll see what natural remedies can do.

What ingredients are included in Herbal Remedies Such as C-Caps?

Astragalus – an ancient herbal remedy, which is receiving a great deal of attention, because of its possible use to treat cancer and extend the life-spans of humans. It has been used in the past to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, increase vitality and improve appetite.

Mistletoe – a highly nutritious plant that animals would naturally eat in the wild. It is a popular herbal remedy in Europe, where it is used to treat circulatory problems, respiratory problems and cancer.

Echinacea – a well-known plant that supports normal blood pressure and stimulates the immune system.

Indian ginseng – a tonic herb that supports growth, strengthens the immune system and nourishes the blood.

Milk Thistle – used as a liver tonic for thousands of years. It has been recommended for cirrhosis, jaundice and hepatitis. Modern research has found that the plant contains a compound called silymarin, which is responsible for its beneficial effects.

Cat’s Claw – another plant that supports and maintains the immune system.

Toxins build up in the liver, bladder and kidneys. They contribute to the formation of cancerous growths by damaging DNA strands. Antioxidants have the ability to repair DNA strands. Researchers have seen that Astragalus actually activates cellular DNA, allowing it to repair itself. Is it a miracle cure? While we wouldn’t go that far, it could be a helpful part of the treatment plan specified by your veterinarian.

Losing a family pet is devastating. They are members of our families. When they pass, we always wonder if there was something more that could have been done. Supplements, remedies and conventional care let us know that we did all we could for this important member of the family.

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