Types of Dog Toys


Dogs love toys, especially if they are able to chew it and roll around with it. Get your dog a toy that it loves a lot. 4 types of dog toys have been described below to help you get the perfect gift for your canine.

        1. Toys That Dispense Food – These kinds of puppy toys are used to offer treats to dogs, especially when they are being trained. They are also used to keep the dog from feeling bored. The toys can be filled with a variety of treats like yogurt, biscuits, raw meat that has been ground, dog food and even peanut butter if your dog likes it. They are available in various sizes. You should buy only good quality toys that are manufactured using safe materials and cannot harm the dog. But still, it is good not to leave the dog unsupervised when you give them toys. Play games with them using these toys. Fill them up with food and hide them and let the dog search for his food. It is a game that most dogs love to play.
        2. Chew Toys – Get your dog chew toys that they cannot destroy. Avoid chew toys made of animal bones. Instead choose toys made of raw hides as they are indestructible and last longer. While many brands of dog toys claim that they can withstand even the toughest dog, the brand that comes through time and time again are Bionic brand dog toys. Even dogs that destroy dog toys as a hobby cannot destroy these toys.  Better yet you can keep them clean and hygienic with a good washing in the dishwasher.

          puppy toy

          Kong Toys provide a stimulating mental challenge to dogs by hiding a treat inside the toy. It is a great way to keep a dog entertained, to awaken the mind, and distract from other events such as a new visitor or when you are leaving the house.

        3. Tug Toys – If your dog loves to tug, then get him a tug toy and watch him play. You can also make a tug toy at home using fleece fabric and give it to the dog. Take 3 pieces of fleece fabric each of 3 feet and braid them. Knot the braid at both the ends and the middle. Give it to the dog and hold on one side and play tug with him. These toys should be used as a reward and not left around for the dog to pick up. This can also be used as a powerful obedience-training tool.

          bionic toss and tugg chew toy

          This toss and tug dog chew toy from Bionic is indestructible, dishwasher safe and recyclable.

        4. Stuffed toys – Some dogs love stuffed toys to. If your dog exhibits preference for stuffed toys, then get them some good quality toys but be warned that they will destroy these toys.
        5. Fetch and play toys – The classic ball toy is a perfect match for a dog’s chasing and herding instinct. One of our favorites are Chuck-it Dog toys. Through a combination of bright colors and easy to grip shapes, Chuck-it balls are perfect for the active dog. Balls are available in different sizes which can be matched to the size of your dog.

          Chuck-it Dog Toy Balls

          Chuck-it Dog Ball Toys are easy to grip and are finished in bright colors making them easy to find.

Dogs are like kids, loving when they get toys to play with. Get them toys as a reward for obedience and good behavior. When you buy toys, ensure that they are made of only the best material that will not harm the pet.

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