Oh My Dog

Oh My Dog Beth Stern

Oh My Dog

The new Beth Stern BookOh My Dog is a much anticipated guide to dog health.  It includes advice from many experts and for anyone that listens to her famous husband Howard Stern, it reflects the trials and tribulations with their own dog.

As the editor of this site, I receive many questions that could be answered with a book like this one.  Beth Ostrovsky Stern is actively involved in raising money for the care of dogs and cats through her work with the North Shore Animal League.  It is through this work that Stern brings a first hand perspective to dog care.

Whether you are an experienced dog owner or looking for a quick reference guide, Oh My Dog has something for everyone. All aspects of caring for a dog are covered by the book including:

– Selecting a dog and a vet

– What to do when you bring the dog home for the first time

– Activities that will engage you and your dog and help the two of you bond

– How to interpret signs of a dog being sick or when something is wrong and when is emergency care needed

– Bringing your dog to a kennel – what you need to know

– Picking the right dog food

If a dog were to come with an owner’s manual, this would be it.  Oh My Dog by Beth Stern  is available for under $18 from Amazon.com.